The Many Faces of Anela Tiana

The Many Faces of Anela Tiana

Happy 5th birthday Anela Tiana!  This little girl brightens my world.  She made me a grandma at 31 when I married her grandpa :-)  While being a grandma was still awkward for me, Anela and I were playing at a park when she was 2-ish.  An old man and his dog were there, too.  We struck up conversation and he asked, “so are you her sister or her mom?”  Without batting an eye, all of my grandmotherly reservations went away, and I proudly answered, “I’m her grandma!”  The look on that man’s face…

Well, he deserved no explanation.  I know I look young, but come on, are you her sister… ppfff.

This girl is fire.  She’s a lion.  A princess.  A leader.  A commander of attention.  A comedian.  A deep lover.  Her best friend is her Grandpa Kemp (pictured).  She’s the boss.  An old soul.  She talks of things like she’s “already seen them when she was older.”  Hmm… somehow, it’s easy to believe her.

I talked to her on the phone today during her birthday party and asked her what kind of party she was having.  Her answer: a February one.  Yes, a February one, indeed.

Anela = the Hawaiian variant of Angela <3
Tiana = Princess

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