Knitting With Looms

Knit Fest

This past Saturday Mark and I had the pleasure of spending the day with three of my favorite people… Vinnie (11), Gianna (9), and Enzo (8), my niece and nephews.  They absolutely love coming to our office to play – so we had an office play day.  We took naps on the one and only coach (all piled on top of each other – it didn’t work out so well for napping, but was fun!), and then knit the rest of the time.

My mom and I taught Gianna and Vinnie how to knit (with needles) some time ago, and Gianna, especially really took a liking to it. She’s since made a few scarves.  Whenever I knit around the kids, they are very intrigued and ask lots of questions.  Enzo seems especially entranced, and has always wanted to learn, but I just hadn’t been able to teach him quite yet – despite several attempts.

Mark and I decided to buy these looms in an effort to find another way for Enzo, mostly, to be able to knit.  They were all excited about them and as they were decided witch ones they wanted to work with, Enzo said, “Ana (that’s what they call me), can you try to teach me just one more time on the needles first?”  I had to smile over his enthusiasm and strong desire to learn.  I figured we’d give it one more shot and then he’d be on to the loom… but he got it this time!  He was SO proud and did a GREAT job while the rest of us had fun on the looms!  And, as you can see, Vincent finished his hat – it’s a little smaller than we expected it to be, but it sure is a cute ‘cat in the hat’ type hat ;-).  (And just look at those stunning eyes of his!)

Savannah and Curious George

Savannah and George

On Friday, my brother Brian came by with his precious daughter, Savannah.  She and George are pals and George is just part of the family now.  We have these huge white boards in our office that the kids love to draw on, and Savannah was no exception.  She grabbed that dry erase pen like she just found heaven and went to town.  Of course, we did a few scribbles of our own.

This little beauty reminds me so much of Brian when he was her age.  I see pictures of him looking just as cute and with the same little glasses, only black-rimmed.  Savannah’s mama finally got her to wear them by putting them on her teddy bear.  Once the bear was wearing them, Savannah decided that she wanted to wear them.  When Brian was her age, he hid his in his kiddie toilet.  :-)  When she is old enough to appreciate it, I will tell on him.

The only thing missing this weekend from this picture was my other niece and nephew, my other brother’s kids…

Josh and Sophia Gardening

Josh and Sophia Gardening | Photo Credits: Laura DiGiovanni

I <3 being an aunt.

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