Stetching Within | Geisha

Stretching Within | Girl Uncertain

Stretching Within | Butterfly

Stretching Within | Poor Girl With Candle on Her Head

Here is some of my work from my first week in my art class, Stretching Within, with Misty Mawn.  I’m loving every second – it’s truly exactly where I need to be.  I’m exploring different styles; from serious to fun to whimsical.  The biggest thing that has taken me by surprise is how messy a sketch can start out, and end up looking good.  I’ve realized that I’ll never be a technically good artist (I don’t think), but I think my strengths will be conveying emotion or a story.

My favorite creation thus far is the geisha girl.  I love her serenity.  I loved the challenge with all the shading and getting over the fear of going too dark, even using charcoal for the first time.

The little girl with the bangs was the first time I used color – I was definitely afraid, but loved the result even just a little bit of color produces.  I didn’t intend to make her a little girl.  After drawing a bunch of oval shaped faces, I wanted to draw a round faced girl, which made her look young.

I was disappointed with the butterfly, so I used photo processing to make it look better than it actually is :-).

Who is this poor girl with the candle on her head, you ask?  Well, she is the result of doodling on the same page as I drew a candle the day before.  I didn’t intend to make this quirky girl.  It all started by doodling the lips on her forehead, then doodling the left eye, then another type of eye on the right, then a heart-shaped face developed, and so on.  That is something that I’ve loved about this process… to begin with no agenda and just let anything turn into whatever it wants to be.  It’s too bad she has a candle on her head… I really like her!

This class is beyond any hope or expectation that I had.  I’m so happy to experience progress – to know that I can get better and better with practice.  And photographing the work after it’s done, shows me defects that I cannot see when just looking at it – that’s been really eye opening and a gift.

My heart is SO soaring and I’m just over the moon that I can be part of this.  I think I have found something that will be a part of my life forever.

One of my new friends (Kim from Big Strong Girl Designs) from the class sent this out to the group, and it resonates so much with me that I want to share it with you!  Turn up your speakers!!  I’m starting every day off with this now…

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