With a new year comes several new beginnings for me.  I’m taking my first art class in over twenty years.  I’m embarking on a sugar detox as part of my fertility journey.  I have a new calling in my church (a lay church, where everyone does something).  I’m getting more and more familiar with photography and photo processing.  I’ve found myself become a part of a few online communities centering around the arts.  I’ll also be learning to sew on my new sewing machine.

For almost the last ten years I’ve been involved in business.  From buying and reselling goods, to real estate investing, and now internet marketing.  So this whole pull in my soul toward the arts is a real diversion for me.  I’d have to say that it’s always been there, but since I never thought it practical, I never gave it heed.  Oh, how foolish of me.  While the arts may never fill my belly, I have learned that it indeed fills my soul.

Last night around midnight I learned that my art instructor for this new online class I’m taking, Misty Mawn, had posted the first assignment early.  I couldn’t help but take a peek – but ended up reading through all the assignments for the week and watching all the demonstration videos.  I thought about the next day (today) and how scared I would be to put those pencils to the paper, after not drawing for 20+ years.

So I decided not to wait… too long.  I decided just to doodle.  Just to play with my new pencils and get a feel for their shades and different amounts of pressure.  I drew three interlinking ovals – and the next thing I knew, three girls emerged, faces overlapping. Different face shapes, noses, mouths, and eyes.

Misty Mawn Stretching Within Week 1 Faces

Even I can point out a million things ‘wrong’ with these girls, even though I wasn’t going for technical.  But for me, I experienced incredible joy knowing that I could draw, and knowing that I had promise, with more instruction and more practice.  There is so much emotion and story-telling that I can imagine expressing through mixed media art.

In other news, my little less than three-month-old blog is close to getting its 1,000th visit! To celebrate, I decided to do a GIVEAWAY. That milestone should be reached today or tomorrow – and then I’ll do a post about the giveaway (something that speaks to my heart).  So be sure to check back over the next couple of days!

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