Mirror, MirrorAnela, our 4-year-old granddaughter

Korbin CollageKorbin, our grandson born 10.01.10

LandonLandon, our 2-year-old grandson

We are on the road, driving home from Las Vegas, somewhere between Bakersfield and Buttonwillow.  It was a short, sweet trip, where the Kemp kids gathered with us in a friend’s home to have a late Christmas celebration.  We are grateful for the experiences we had together and for the memories we will hold forever.

For the first time, this year we drew names.  Mark and actually felt badly because it was also the first year that we received more than we gave.  In addition to the name the kids drew, almost all of them bought a gift for us as well.  We received funny, inside joke gifts, gift cards, and pictures of the grandkids.  We also did a funny white elephant gift exchange, which always proves to be a hit, with unexpected ‘inappropriate’ items, ones that everyone wants and steals, and items that the one lucky person makes their best sales pitch, convincing everyone else that they want it. :-)

ToysFun Real and White Elephant Gifts – I fought for the Classic Mickey Mouse, Christina was showcasing her Tiger Beat and BOP Mags, Carrie was very pleased with her Dr. Pepper Classic Lunchpail

Headbandz Collage‘Headbandz’ game made personal. You had to guess the word or phrase on your forehead only by asking yes or no questions. Mark made everyone a personalized one to reflect something they say, do, love, or an inside joke. Jared got revenge by putting the question, “Does that Make Sense?” on Mark’s forehead, which he often says when teaching.

The short two days were filled with good food (everyone responsible for different meals), lots of games, lots of laughter, and even a great discussion about forgiving those who hurt or disappoint us.  But the best part of the trip was going to see the kids paternal Grandpa in St. George, UT.  He is living in an Assisted Living facility, and the last time they were all together at once was some seven years ago.  As you’ll be able to see in the pictures, he was tired a lot of the time.  But there were also plenty of moments where he joked with the kids.  I’m sure these pictures will prove to be treasured forever.

KEMP Family w/ GrandpaMark’s Dad in front; Middle Row: Carrie, Christina, Mark; Back Row: Brett, Jared, Josh

Four Kemp GenerationsDon, Mark, Jared, and Korbin

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