35th Birthday

Mark and AngMy Honey and Me

Birthday SignSophia and Gianna made a birthday sign for all to write on!

Flowers from EmFlowers from Em, B, and Savannah

Texas Hold 'Em | Dad's DealDad’s Deal | Brian (bro) Wins

Disco Karaoke BallKaraoke Disco Ball to Set the Mood

Everyone Loves KaraokeEveryone Loves Karaoke at my Sister’s House!

Jen and ToddJen and Todd (sister and bro in law)

My birthday fun began around 2am on the 30th.  Mark was on my side of the bed.  Me: What are you doing on my side of the bed? Him: Getting it warm for you.  Nicest guy, ever.

Slept unitl noon – yes, yes I did.
Wild mushroom and chicken gnochi for lunch (blissfully ate every bite)… with Mark and Nordstrom Cafe.
Goodie bag from Mark.
Read “Hand Wash Cold” in the afternoon.
Pizza, cake, and ice-cream with parental family for dinner.
Flowers from Em.
Texas Hold ‘Em and Karaoke in the evening.  B was the big winner, swindled us all.  Jen was an amazing singer, as always. Vincent rocked the house with “White and Nerdy”.  So wish I got that on video.
Sewing machine from family. Yes!!!  No idea how to use it, but VERY excited to learn :-)
Big B-day sign from my nieces.
Tons and tons of facebook birthday wishes.
Call from my step-son.
Birthday voice mail from grandkids.  So bummed I missed the call – but SO stoked to have the cutest voice mail EVER.
15-year-old step-daughter called me, “mom.”

I talked with the two younger kids, who were 11 and 14 when we got married, and encouraged them to call me whatever they felt comfortable calling me, that I knew they already had a mom who loved them, and I would never try to replace or be their mom. I never expected them to call me mom, though, even with the age difference of their father and I, I technically would have been old enough to be their mom (barely Brett’s).  So they’ve always called me ‘Ang’, which has been just fine with me, and natural for them.

The older three were so much older, all over 18, and living on their own; the oldest just 8 years younger than me. So I wouldn’t even be any kind of guardian to them. A friend only, who happened to be married to their dad. Though not without awkward moments, it’s worked. Over the last year, Christina (24) has referred to me as her mom. It couldn’t bless my heart any more than it does. I count Christina as a friend – one that would be a friend, regardless of the fact that I am married to her dad, had we met another way. She is a beautiful, complex soul, who loves deeply and lives passionately. When we get together, we often talk into the wee hours of the morning – which I count among my favorite experiences.

So yesterday, Carrie, my 15-year-old step-daughter, wished her “Mommy #2” (me) a happy birthday on her facebook status. After many, many trials of me being her step-mom, her being my step-daughter, and together desperately searching for a groove in our relationship, it just feels so wonderful to have come this far where, uncoerced and unprompted, she calls me “Mommy #2”.

Voicemail.  You have got to listen to the cuteness of this message… Anela and Landon, my grandkids, wishing me Happy Birthday. I’ve listened to it a dozen times between last night and today.  Melts my heart…

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Finally, I couldn’t be more thrilled that my husband bought me a spot in Misty Mawn’s Art Workshop: Stretching Within.  Starts Jan. 10, which can’t come soon enough.


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