Anela Pink TreeAnela, Christmas 2009, by her new pink tree

Gift from Anela

This Christmas I was surprised with the BEST Christmas gift ever, from my adorable grand-daughter, Anela.  Anela is four-years-old.  She calls me ‘Grandma Angel’.  She got me an ‘Angel’ stocking, a small bread pan with a candy cane, a Mr. Goodbar, Smarties, and a Starburst inside, and a sweet necklace with an angel charm, which I am wearing now.  The randomness is darling.

Mark went to Utah to visit the kids without me this time.  The night he returned, I came to bed to find this stocking full of goodies on my pillow.  I knew he did stockings for his kids while he was there, and so I assumed it was from him – thinking it was so sweet of him to have a stocking for me, too.  I hugged and thanked him before proceeding to look through it, when he chuckled and said, “it’s not from me.”

When he told me that it was from Anela, my eyes filled with tears.  It is so good to be loved by her.  As much as I love Mark’s kids, being a step-parent has its challenges since there was no bonding when the children were young.  With the grandkids, I’ve gotten to experience them as babes, and they know me and love me as grandma.  Loving them helps with the void in my soul from not having my own children.

Anela CheeringAnela, cheering on Real Salt Lake

This little girl has got so much personality and spirit in her little body.  She brightens my heart, and lights up a room.  She’s fun, playful, and passionate, just like her mama, who I also adore.

Anela Tiana, a real PrincessBeautiful Anela, dressed up for Halloween

Little did Christina know, when she named her daughter, that it would be the Hawaiin version of Angela, her soon to be step-mom.  I love it.  Anela’s middle name is Tiana – Hawaiin for ‘princess’.  How apropos.

I love this girl.

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