Fall Tree Near My Grandma's Gravebeautiful fall tree by my Grandma’s grave site, taken on the day of her funeral

Shepherd Me, O God was one of the songs on the set list for my grandma’s funeral in November.  I haven’t written about that experience yet, as it’s very dear to my heart and I want to take the time to really digest and capture all of my emotions surrounding it.

The funeral was better than I could have hoped for.  It was a Catholic funeral, and I guess this song, Shepherd Me, O God, is pretty common in Catholic funerals, but I had never heard it.  The cantor was Gina Marie Iampieri, who had the voice of an angel.  I closed my eyes when listening to her and her voice took me right to heaven.  I’m not sure if she has a website or blog – I looked, but didn’t find one.  Accompanying her was my uncle, Patrick O’Donnell, who has played for Vice President Biden, and many other prolific public figures.  So you can only imagine how they sounded together.

Listening to this song will always take me back to those moments of my grandma’s funeral, and so I want to share it in this space, to be captured in time and remembered.

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