Negative Thoughts

I am going through Tamara Laporte’s Art, Heart and Healing mixed media workshop.  If you’ve never checked out her art, website, etsy store, ning community… you must.  She’s adorable and amazingly talented.

I’ve searched high and low for the right workshop for me to get started in mixed media.  There are so many choices.  Many require well-deserved money, but I don’t have much extra these days.  I decided to search on YouTube for some tutorials just to get going.  And then I found her.  The quirky, fun, sincere, generous, and talented Tamara Laporte.  Her work just resonates with my soul and is the outlet my heart has been aching for.  The best news?  She is offering a free internet workshop RIGHT NOW!

I got all of my supplies today.  Not feeling too certain about what I chose… I’m such a newbie.  Oh well, we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

I’m about thirty minutes into the week 1 lesson and completed the first several steps.  I’m doing this on my bed.  Yes, my bed.  I have no place to work – no place to spread out.  (Another story for another time.)  And yes, I managed to get a glob of gesso all over my white down comforter.  Oh well – good thing the gesso is also white.

As you can guess by the title, this workshop has a healing element to it.  One of the first things we were to do was to write down all of our negative thoughts or the thoughts that hold us back – to later symbolically release them by covering them up (with gesso).

I wrote my negative thoughts in different colored pencils and I see that they are showing through the gesso – not supposed to happen.  Oh, well.  I surrender to the process and believe it is just perfect for my first piece.  Hm, what can I learn from my life about this…

My piece is drying now… I’ll keep posting my progress :-)

Covering Negative ThoughtsCovering Negative ThoughtsCovering Negative Thoughts

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