FieldOver the last few days I’ve gathered all these poems I’ve written over the years, ones specifically I thought I would post to the blog over time.  Today seemed like the perfect day to whip one of those out to post, as I’ve got a lot on my plate and don’t have much time to write.  Well, I just experienced myself getting really shy.

As I’ve been going through them and putting them in a separate folder for the blog, I was sure to ask myself, are you sure you are ready to share this with the world? Mostly, the answer was yes.  But now that I’m here, right now, I can’t muster up the courage.   Not for a single one.

My heart has been bursting at the seems with creative inspiration.  So much so that I can’t even get to sleep these days before 2am.  Some nights it’s been 4am.  I’m walking around like a zombie during the days.  But always thinking, what should I create? I’m eating, living, breathing, and dreaming inspiration.  Drenching my head and heart with other creative bloggers.  Thankful for bloggers like Boho Girl and Kelly Rae who have chronicled their very vulnerable thoughts and journeys to creative freedom and artistic living.

I was reading Kelly Rae’s chronicles last night.  In 2006 she was talking about her experience at Art Fest and how that changed everything for her in terms of her commitment to her art.  It was only last week that I stumbled on Art Fest 2011 and experienced my heart’s cry to be there.  It’s fantastic to feel like I have these soul sisters holding my hand through this journey by allowing me to peek into theirs.  It’s also fantastic to see Kelly Rae’s ‘humble beginnings’, as she calls them, and know that there is room for progress and perfecting of our crafts.

I’m trying to expose myself to as many different crafts and creative people as time will allow for, to see where my heart gravitates to most.  I’ve joined a few flickr groups with fun contests – self-portraiture, hipstamatic (iPhone photo app), creative.  I’m following blogs: writers, photographers, knitters, and mixed media artists.  I love this culture – this life of artistic freedom.

My spirit feels alive again.

Spirit Alive

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