Happy Birthday Mom

Mom gets to share her birthday with Halloween (for better or for worse).  Yesterday the family all got together at my sister’s place to celebrate.  We all live within about thirty minutes of each other, but it seems it always takes a special occasion to get us all together.  *Sigh.  Life is way too busy.

So I’ve got an older sister, and two older brothers – all married, with children.  Since I don’t (yet) have children of my own, I get to be kind of a special auntie, affectionately known as Ana.  (When my first nephew, Vinnie, was just learning how to talk, he was desperately trying to get my attention and say my name, which came out ‘Ana.’  And I adore it.)  Here are all six of them pictured with my mom:

nieces and nephewsGianna, Sophia, Joshie, Mom, Vinnie, Enzo, and Savannah (and George).

Angela DiGiovanni | Mark Kempme and my honey

Jenny DeSantis | Angela DiGiovanni | Sistersmy sister and me

Woofie Marie Kempour dog, Woofie.  Smiling.  :-)

My family is Italian and for dinner we had a four-time world pizza champion make pizza for us all.  (He happens to be my sister and brother in law’s friend.)  Cheese.  Pepperoni.  Meat.  Margherita (my favorite).  Deep dish.  Oh, my.  The aromas in the kitchen, plus Dean Martin filling the airwaves was nothing but a true Italian family’s delight :-)

After dinner the kiddos suited up in their costumes and began their trick-or-treating expedition… (of which I got no pictures, because by then, I was too exhausted.  Does that mean I’m getting old?)

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