Korbin Alan Kemp

DSC052761 Korbin Alan Kemp

Korbin Alan Kemp came into the world 10.01.10.  I think his will be the easiest of birthdays to remember :-)

He is the son of Jared, Mark’s second oldest.  Alan is also Jared and Mark’s middle names.  I’m glad Jared added to the tradition and honored his father that way.

We got to meet baby Korbin for the first time this past weekend.  He is tiny and sweet.  Here he is pictured in ‘a pea in the pod’ that I knit for him.  As I knitted it, I was thinking of him and loving him and praying for his safe entrance into this world and throughout his life.  He is so, so precious!

It is infants that I feel most connected to.  They just came from Heaven, after all :-)  If they could talk, I bet they could share all kinds of wonderful things with us…

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