The Past is Erased Without Our Stories

Angela DiGiovanni | Agrarian Blogger

{updated 5/2013}

When I say I am a Pilgrim, wandering through this world, I mean it.  For most of my life I have felt deeply connected to God, yet lost in this world of convention, seeking a life with more meaning and depth, with roots leading to God.

I’ve lived rich, I’ve lived poor.
I’ve lived primped and pampered, I’ve lived naturally and simply.
I’ve lived in the burbs, I’ve lived in the country.
I’ve been a sinner, I’ve been a saint.

I prefer being a saint, living a natural and simple life in the country. :-)

I’ve studied Christian religions, and I’ve come to want to follow one of God’s first commandments to Adam to “be fertile and increase; fill the earth and master it” through the tilling and care of the land and dominion over animals.  This was a personal commandment to Adam, that I don’t believe was meant for industry to take over, and ultimately tear families apart all day, who used to spend their days together, working side-by-side subduing their little part of the earth and making their homesteads.

This blog will continue to be about my life – pictures, musings, paintings, poems, etc.  But I have shifted my focus in my personal life, and so inevitably will my posts reflect that.

I’m seeking a simple, rural, agrarian life, with a lot of experiences, but without a lot of stuff!  Coming from conventional living, it’s a hard change, it’s a slow change.  I have already moved out to a rural sheep ranch in Utah from a 3,500 square foot home, exchanging my labor for my stay in a 400 square foot “cottage” that is unfinished, and without plumbing.

My drive is to be as close to God as possible, by following his commandment to work the land, and of course, I am at his mercy to fill it with children, as to date, I have not been able to readily conceive or carry a child.  I believe in eternal perspectives and that life here on earth is just our testing ground and all for our experience.  So while I don’t take circumstances too seriously, I do take my reactions and actions to my circumstances eternally consequential.  I have fallen, and I have nailed it.  The best I can do is keep getting up and trying my best again and again.

I’ve gained many insights from a life of hardship, poor decisions, living with a lot of money, living without a lot of money, and living well either way.  I know full well my character in this life is what matters most and all trials are for my good.

I find joy in writing, photography, painting, caring for animals, and studying scriptures and religious materials.


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